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1999 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic - $9,500.00

This is not what it appears to be.
Maybe you are into high performance. Maybe you like the look, feel and sound of a Harley and did not know that you could also have amazing performance.
Perhaps you would like to have actually double the horse power of the stock ultra
and not forfeit reliability.
This is a Harley, it is a power cruiser and it is a touring bike.

The stock motor was 88 cubic inch which put out about 67 horse power.
The engine in this motorcycle is the refined S&S 124 cubic inch
and it was dyno tested at 135 horse power.

The transmission is a Baker 6 Speed True Transmission.

The odometer now reads 62,147 miles.
The engine and transmission were replaced at 30,000 miles so this motor actually has about 32,000 miles on it. 
This alone was a $10,000.00 upgrade.

The other upgrades that have been done to this motorcycle include: Ape hanger handlebars, Rinehart exhaust, true track stabilizer, Mustang seat, aftermarket highway pegs, floorboards, and grips.

The seat is very plush and comfortable and looks like new.
The paint is fair for a bike this age.
There is small dent on the front fender and some pitting in the paint at the
front areas as to be expected from road debris.
Overall this is a good looking bike.

Please look at the many pictures and watch the video or just come by 
to take a look.

On 1-5-17 we replaced the primary chain case gasket to stop a slow oil leak.

We have the clear title, shown in the last picture. I am licensed and bonded with the California DMV. I am also a licensed vehicle verifier. If you are in California then I will also collect the sales tax of 7.75% plus $20.00 transfer fee plus a document preparation charge of $85.00. I will give you a temporary registration permit on the spot and your new registration will come to you in the mail. You will not stand in line at the DMV and there will be no surprises. If you are outside of California and you ship by common carrier then you will pay only the purchase price and I will hand you or mail you the title. I must have a copy of the shipping contract from the driver when picked up or a bill of lading.
Without proof of shipment via common carrier I would still need to collect the 8% sales tax.