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2009 Suzuki Burgman AN650 - $1,200.00

The engine runs but the internal clutch does not work.
This is about a $3000.00 job to fix.
This would be great if you had a wrecked one and needed parts.
If you had a bad engine then you could use this one.
As shown it has a nice aftermarket exhaust system called 4 Road by Leo Vince.
The tires look like new.
The starting, charging system and all the electrical works well.
It starts instantly hot or cold. It idles very smooth.
There are no engine noises, no exhaust smoke and no leaks.
The paint and body plastic looks good.
The seat is missing the foam and cover but the plastic base is fine.
We have been doing maintenance service on this for our customer and she was riding it every day. 
She was getting ready to have the seat recovered and the clutch failed on her. 
You can see a picture of the clear title but to bring the registration current in
California there are fees due of $294.00.
With the cost to fix clutch problem and the registration fees I would render this
a simple parts bike. If you are out of state then you could avoid the registration
renewal fees but would still have the clutch issue.
If you have mechanical skills and the time then this could be a great value if you want to fix it yourself.
You could also part this out yourself on Ebay.

We have the clear title, shown in the last picture. I am licensed and bonded with the California DMV. I am also a licensed vehicle verifier. If you are in California then I will also collect the sales tax of 7.75% plus a documentation processing charge of $85.00. Plus the registration fee to be determined from the California DMV website at the date of sale. My buyers (you) never pay back fees or DMV registration penalties.
I will give you a temporary registration permit on the spot and your new registration will come to you in the mail. You will not stand in line at the DMV and there will be no surprises. If you are outside of California and you ship by common carrier then you will pay only the purchase price and I will hand you or mail you the title. I must have a copy of the shipping contract from the driver when picked up or a bill of lading. 
Without proof of shipment via common carrier I would still need to collect the 7.75% sales tax.