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2007 Triumph Speedmaster 880 - $5,600.00

Yes only 1,556 actual miles! Immaculate condition!
I have always loved these for the comfort, fit, style and function.
This bike has a feel to it that you just have to ride to know and appreciate.
Do you think you are cool or do you think that your friends think that you are cool?
Ride this Fonzie bike and you just became a legend in your own mind!
I honestly can not imagine designing a mid size bike nicer than this.
Plenty of power for long all day rides through the mountains and light and agile
for around town.
We just revived this from indoor storage so it has a new battery, carburetors are
all cleaned out with new gaskets and o-rings.
We also changed the oil and filter and changed the brake fluids.
The only issue is that the leather saddle bags have dried out some.

Why buy new and take that instant and huge depreciation on day one?
Why buy new and pay all those extra dealer set up fees?
Why buy new and pay those higher insurance and registration renewals?

We have the clear title, shown in the last picture. I am licensed and bonded with the California DMV. I am also a licensed vehicle verifier. If you are in California then I will also collect the sales tax of 7.75% plus a documentation processing charge of $85.00. Plus the registration fee to be determined from the California DMV website at the date of sale. My buyers (you) never pay back fees or DMV registration penalties.
I will give you a temporary registration permit on the spot and your new registration will come to you in the mail. You will not stand in line at the DMV and there will be no surprises. If you are outside of California and you ship by common carrier then you will pay only the purchase price and I will hand you or mail you the title. I must have a copy of the shipping contract from the driver when picked up or a bill of lading. 
Without proof of shipment via common carrier I would still need to collect the 7.75% sales tax.