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Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaning

We now use a state of the art, high performance, heated, American made, Ultrasonic carburetor cleaner like the one jewelers would use to clean your jewelry but much bigger. This is much better for the environment and the mechanic and does a much better job getting into tiny passage ways .Dirty and varnished from being stored with our E-10 (corn sugar gas) they come out sparkling clean. Millions of superheated exploding bubbles or de-cavitation gets into microscopic places.

When each microscopic bubble collapses the result is a liquid jet that creates estimated temperatures and pressures of over five thousand degrees Celsius and ten thousand PSI. This action occurs over and over millions of times while sound waves travel through the special heated fluid. Strange but it does not harm rubber or plastic and you can even put your hand in it while it is working.

We then rinse and dry everything and then polish where needed with a dermal tool. We then install new gaskets and replace other warn parts which we have a huge stock of. We employ other tricks we have learned over the years of building thousands of carburetors. We also make sure that the fuel tank is clean inside and that the petcock or fuel delivery is clean and healthy.

Finally we ask our customers to read the Storage warning so that together we can at least attempt to avoid this problem in the future.

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