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Motorcycle sales and repair

Before you park your motorcycle for more than an hour, turn off your gas valve and read:

We offer motorcycle service and repair for most major motorcycle makes and models: 

Honda motorcycle service and repair, Suzuki service and repair, Yamaha service, Kawasaki service and repair, Harley Davidson service and repair, Vespa service, Polaris service and repair, Ducati service and repair, BMW service and repair, KTM service and repair as well as personal professional service and repair for most other makes and models


Major motorcycle engine repairs and major work on most makes often can take 7 to 30 days or more to complete. This is due to the fact that we first have to schedule to dissemble for a parts list, then order parts if we don't have in stock. Sometimes the machine shop will hold up a job. Sometimes during assembly we will discover a part that we missed and have to place an additional parts order.

Most parts we can get in 1 day. Some motorcycle parts are not always as quick to resource as they are not as mass produced as auto parts. We offer guidance, sales and installation of after market and custom parts.

On occasion and case by case basis we might do complete restorations of certain vintage and collectible motorcycles. We do not work on everything. Most motorcycle dealerships will not touch a bike that is over 10 years old.

Odds are much higher that older bikes can end up with multiple problems and some of them can have intermittent problems. There is nothing worse than finding an obvious problem that fits the symptom perfectly then fixing it only to find an additional problem and having to call you back with more bad news.

Having repaired thousands of motorcycles since 1976 this does happen even with newer bikes. The odds go up as bikes go up in age and have had different owners doing different modifications and repairs. I have seen it all.

I have been known to work on bikes well over 30 years old. It is sometimes a fine line that I have to draw on what I am willing to do based on many factors. I have saved some customers from money pits by recommending cutting losses with common lemon situations. Some are better off as salvage parts and sometimes the condition is borderline. It hurts to turn people away but I need to have limits in order

to survive and be here for the majority. The common big dealership rule is nothing over 10 years old. This is very harsh.

You might only understand this if you too have owned a service business. We love what we do and are happy to be of service. We do a good job trying to please everyone while keeping up with permits, licenses, taxes, insurance, workers compensation all while encouraging my fantastic employee spirit and keeping the paper pile low enough to find my desk.

I strive for quality over quantity. This sometimes this takes longer and sometimes I have to refer you to another shop. Thank you for your understanding and please feel free to make suggestions.

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